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Yoga to Overcome Anxiety: Our Guide to Better Mental Health

Yoga To Overcome Anxiety Anu Aggarwal Foundation

Yoga to Overcome Anxiety: Our Guide to Better Mental Health

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Tips for how Yoga helps in overcoming anxiety

Yoga consists of many asanas that help us concentrate on our breathing, which allows us to connect with our mind and body. And it is no secret that yoga benefits our body declutters our mind, and helps us lead a healthy lifestyle.


Patanjali, the father of yoga, said that yoga is about maintaining consciousness disturbance, which the AAF firmly believes in. And till date, we have helped many people to lead a healthier lifestyle with our creative yoga practices.

Since self-care is the first care, you must look within and find an awakening within yourself before giving it to others.

“Yoga is about stilling the turbulence of consciousness”

  • Patanjali


  • Occasion anxiety is a part of life, but excessive and frequent anxiety is a severe problem
  • Yoga plays an important role in relieving anxiety
  • Yoga quite negative thoughts and boosts mood
  • AAF makes it possible for every age group to participate and cherish the essence of yoga through its fun yoga sessions

Anxiety is a common problem that almost everyone has to face from time to time in their life. But when it becomes severe, it starts interfering with your daily life and can leave severe consequences on your health.

There can be many reasons that cause anxiety. Restlessness, constantly being under stress, panicking about minor things, and nervousness leads to anxiety.

If you feel anxious and want to control it then here are some practical tips on how yoga relieves anxiety.

How yoga helps relieve anxiety

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Yoga plays a vital role in relieving anxiety. When the mind is under stress, the body releases stress hormones as a defence mechanism, which causes anxiety. And through the practice of yoga, you can reduce the level of stress hormones in the body.

People who struggle with anxiety have a higher breathing rate because their heart beats faster. Through yoga, we teach to concentrate on breathing which slows down the continuous pulsation of the heartbeat.

Meditation, which is a part of yoga, clears our mind and helps it to calm down. It also triggers the release of endorphins and neurotransmitter hormones that elevate the mood and reduce stress levels.

Benefits of yoga for anxiety

Anxiety is a common condition as well as a severe one. Despite taking medications and going for treatment, people may feel dissatisfied and uncomfortable with the side effects of medications.

Yoga, on the other hand, is naturopathy and thus does not have any side effects. Yoga therapy is also inexpensive than any other treatment. And a person can carry out for the long term.

There are several elements in yoga that use today as a modern treatment for anxiety. Such as mindfulness, reduction of stress levels, mental flexibility, and other relaxation techniques.

With these yoga techniques, you can easily manage your depression and anxiety symptoms which ultimately improves your mood and overall health.

You can also book sessions with AAF founder Anu Aggarwal, a yoga therapist who takes out these yoga sessions, known as AnuFunYoga, designed for kids to adults. You can contact us at to book sessions with us.


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