Anu Aggarwal Foundation

AAF- The Journey in Recent Times

Anu Aggarwal, famous cine star and supermodel who took the 90s by storm with her popularity, super hit films and exotic looks, has been introduced a myriad times all over. A near-fatal accident she met with in 1999 brought about a pause in her stardom and popularity, but it was just momentary. Even a life-threatening mishap that briefly took away her consciousness, cognition and normalcy could not pin her down.  perhaps, it was an inexplicable, marvellous power innate to her that saw her recover even though doctors had nearly given up on her. She not only recovered physically and emotionally but discovered an embryonic purpose to make lives of others better and mend broken spirits. The fact that she holds a Master’s degree in Social Work, degrees in Science of Yoga and Happiness and other arenas is testimony to the true purpose of her life- healing people, providing them support and motivating them to give success a chance. It overrode the life of glitz and glamour that chose her. There’s nothing that can stop the go-getter from her pursuit for happiness…  not hers, but that of others.

She founded Anu Aggarwal Foundation to streamline and dedicate herself to the noble goal of offering hope, support and means to thousands people from different walks of life battling with different hardships. Anu has been extending consistently dedicated support through an array of efforts she puts in lovingly such as Yoga and meditation sessions, seminar, talks, fun activities, gifts distribution and more.

Recent times have seen AAF go from strength to strength with renewed vigour.  Since its inception in 2014, AAF has touched thousands of lives in different ways. In a brief span of five years,  Anu, has been a part of several endeavours committed to the cause of upliftment of the disadvantaged.  She has introduced hundreds of people- young and old alike, to the power and benefits of holistic healing through AAF.

Anu has paid several visits to homes for the destitute, children afflicted with AIDS, socially uprooted women and interacted with them. She’s conducted Yoga and meditation, motivated them, guided them and offered all possible support to help them make a fresh start. She’s also an avid researcher who’d been submerged into finding holistic means of uplifting the oppressed and awakening all through inner transformation.

Her areas of specialisation include:

– Mental Hygiene for slums and elites
– Awaken Inner Happiness
– Awareness Developer
– Happiness enhancer

Diversity in AAF’s Efforts

AAF is committed to elevating the society by creating awareness about the benefits of Yoga and meditation through physical and emotional well-being. AAF has also prioritised addressing problems that afflict individuals at different levels across strata.  Anu’s vision is to create a better world by playing her part in helping one and all achieve happiness and happiness; for her, there’s very little above or beyond ‘Love is all there is’.

Here is the gist of sheer versatility and breadth in the measures that Anu takes dedicatedly to make this world a better place: