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Yoga For Self Development 3
Yoga Asanas for Self-Development

Yoga Asanas for Self-Development HIGHLIGHTS: Yoga is beneficial in all phases of your life. Yoga asanas play an important role in self-development Practising yoga daily can have positive effects on the body and mind Yoga is beneficial in all phases of your life. It lowers your stress levels, brings clarity to your mind, and enhances […]

Yoga As A Healing Practice 3
Yoga As A Daily Healing Practice

Yoga As A Daily Healing Practice HIGHLIGHTS: Yoga practises has the healing power Practising yoga daily will help you clear your energy Yoga declutters the mind and brings mindfulness There are many benefits of yoga practice. But did you know that it also has healing power? Yoga can create awareness and change your life. This […]

Personality Development Through Yoga 11
Personality Development Through Yoga Aasanas

Personality Development Through Yoga HIGHLIGHTS: Personality is a core part of ourselves Personality development helps us to build a positive self-image and boost your confidence Yoga practices affect the development of your personality – Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually, Socially Personality is a major part of our identity. It tells people about you even when you’re not […]

Yoga For Self Development Anu Aggarwal Foundation
Yoga for Self-Development

Yoga for Self-Development Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash Highlights: Yoga helps in different areas of our life It helps to shape our attitude, behavior, and thinking Long-lasting self-development can be achieved by continuous practice of yoga AAF supports individuals with its fun yoga to help them develop self-development skills. Yoga really helps achieve a […]

Yoga As Healing Practice Anu Aggarwal Foundation
Yoga As A Healing Practice

Yoga As A Healing Practice Photo by kike vega on Unsplash Yoga is an ancient practice that originated over 5000 years ago and has been used for exercise and meditation around the world since then. There are different and thousands of asanas or yoga postures for different purposes. These help to prepare the mind and […]

Personality Development Anu Aggarwal Foundation
Personality Development Through Yoga

Personality Development Through Yoga Photo by Lucas Pezeta on Pexels HIGHLIGHTS: Since ancient times yoga helps in our spiritual growth. Yoga opens the way to different dimensions of our personality. There are many asanas through which we can achieve our emotional, physical, and spiritual development. There is no doubt that yoga has many benefits ranging […]

Yoga Transforms Life Anu Aggarwal Foundation
How Yoga Transforms Your Life

How Yoga Transforms Your Life   Photo by on Pexels Yoga practices have been around for ages and as old as they are there are some healing elements that have miraculous power to transform your life. Anyone who has practiced yoga for a long time has experienced the magic of this age-old practice for […]

Difference Between Anxiety Depression Anu Aggarwal Foundation
Difference between Anxiety and Depression

Difference between anxiety and depression Photo by Christopher Ott on Unsplash Anxiety and depression are two sides of the coin and most people get confused between them. Both of these are related to mood disorders. However, they both are different conditions, you can still struggle with them at the same time. People who suffer from […]