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We believe every child deserves a future.

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We are Anu Aggarwal Foundation

Bringing people together to end poverty & hunger for good

Pioneering Free Food Program is focused towards distributing hot, nutritious and fresh food to poor, needy & hungry children across pockets of poverty in India. We have a daily nutritious meal coverage of more than 20,000 hungry & underprivileged children and our daily food distribution regimen is smooth, efficient and dependable – 365 days a year.

Our belief is that the Nutritious Meal Program has an important “socialisation role”. Food should be served in an organized, dignified, equitable, friendly manner. 

About Anu Aggarwal Foundation (AAF)

Anu found Anu Aggarwal Foundation (AAF). a not for profit organisation, registered under  section 8 of company’s act in 2017, entitled for tax-free donations. Its main focus being to maximise potential, raise joy and peace in people. Create awareness about environment, societal causes for a positive impact in the community, while working on an abutment between the mental-physical-emotional-psychic health of an individual, and how to maximise his potential to get the best out of the environment he finds himself in. We create the much needed awareness, to live in the moment, and to help each one to connect with their own gigantic power. We teach the miracle-recovery of Anu, the secret practices to access the superhuman power inside each being. For him to live in harmony with nature, and bridge the gap between the personal (self) and the cosmic super-self to reduce stress, get better wellness, live in joy a transcendental lifestyle to make dreams come true. 

The mix of Independence with interdependence would aid world peace. 

For which Anu, in the last 22 years, trained and mastered meditation then ran a meditation center, lived yoga-life, monk, trained in neuroscience, positive psychology, mind-management; while the karmayogi Anu sidelined her Bollywood career. And took years of practice to devise her miracle module Anufunyoga which she teaches herself, and is invited to share in health conferences in India, and  worldwide. 

She has also researched on mental health, diet, and cancer patients to name a few. 

People impacted thus far total are over 2,20,000.

Anu Aggarwal Foundation (AAF) has significantly contributed to make people stress free, transform lives of destitute women, children, youth, men, projects to raise inner-peace in the girl-child suffering HIV+, youth, cancer, women empowerment, raising mental wellbeing where Anu its director, who studied and lives a yoga lifestyle for 22 years, the gold medalist, tailor makes a program to suit different ages/ groups  of people, for a positive upheaval of the marginalised. Anu aslo personally speaks, conducts Anufun mindfulness sessions with the corporates. 

Covid has brought urgent and new causes that we have added focus on, with the advanced challenges—- in handicraft women, hunger and malnutrition in children, increased poverty and mental-health issues, which AAF has now added to its existing efforts. We have coming up a project with the tribal women and children who make Assam tea, creating great self- awareness in youth alongside skill training, amongst others. 

The founder of Anu Aggarwal Foundation (AAF), Anu Aggarwal, is Masters in Social Work, UNHCR ambassador, Anu Aggarwal the supermodel, blockbuster movie Aashiqui girl, a miracle story. Is self-made and now self-healed. 

Anu named the most Influential Asian woman, got awarded the Black Swan award 2020, Yoga award from GOI 2016, Atmanirbhar Bharat 2021 award winner,  is also an award-winning actor, to name a few. TED and motivational speaker, mindfulness coach, Global Citizen, author sells internationally. Forbes chose her as one of the 100 leaders in India, recently.


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Anu Aggarwal Foundation
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Compassion in action

Anu Aggarwal Foundation (AAF) is the brainchild of the dwija, twice born, Anu Aggarwal to transform lives by re-porgramming the mind positively, using her DIY miracle in her care of the community. Star of the blockbuster Aashiqui, Anu has always thought out of the box and had the courage to implement wild but innovate new ideas. Her care for the community and the people edge her on to work tirelessly for the good of the humanity at large where we just dont give jobs, relieve stress, enable fresh air to breathe in – we do much more than that.

What We Do

Our exploration of the ancient spiritual heritage of India and snowballing it with researched, latest findings of neuroscience, has had a tremendous impact. Positive holisticity programming of children, destitute women, as well as get high stressed adults, point to the fact that individual well being leads to societal harmony and peace.

We work with de-stressing corporate adults while positively programming children and women.

Who Needs us?

Anybody who is stressed mentally needs us.

Relax |  Revive |  Rebuild

Anybody who wants to optimize his/her potential does.

Anybody who wants inner peace does.

Anybody who wants to break the cycle of suffering needs us.

Anybody who cares about the environment needs us.

Anybody who wants to support Anu in this mission.

About Our Director Anu Aggarwal

Anu played an orphan in her successful movie, Aashiqui. Today, she raises the inner joy by supporting orphan girls, working on mental health of HIV positive children, destitute women, underprivileged men and women, working with the blind and suicide victims are some of the good that she does. Anu has won several national as well as international awards for the noble work she has dedicated her life to.

Anu strives to give a new lease of life to the vulnerable, abandoned and the suffering. Anu Aggarwal (now a certified Yoga exponent who lives as a monk, learnt compassion, is now an expert in alternative therapies, naturopathy, CBT, doctor, healer, and a holder of Masters in social work who established Anu Aggarwal Foundation (AAF) through which she extends holistic integrative medicine support for community well being at the grassroots level.

What makes us different?

Educating & Feeding Children

We fully vet every nonprofit in our community. We’ve even conducted site visits for most organizations—even those in the remote Amazon!

Create Livelihood for Women

We offer tools, training, and one-on-one support to help nonprofits get the funding and resources they need.

HIV+ Patients

Your sponsorship encompasses health and educational programs and resources, designed to address the specific issues each child faces in their community.

Special care for Orphans

We’re a top-rated humanitarian organization focused on ending generational poverty through a proven approach.

Awareness Building

Partnerships across every sector make all of our work for children and young people possible.


With your support, children receive access to health care, educational resources and life-changing programs in safe, clean spaces.

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