Anu Aggarwal Foundation

Anu Aggarwal Foundation™

We are a Non-Profit Organisation registered under section 8 of Indian Companies Act in 2017. 

We are entitled to tax-free donations. Your donations help us to bring our loving attention to the most needy. 

 Under the magnetic guidance of Anu we maximize potential in people and raise theiir inner joy. Our focus is Children and women. 


Our funds go towards programs and Mental Health Services.
Empowering Under Privileged Women & Children.

“Anu Aggarwal Foundation believes in empowering and equipping women & children for a sustainable future.”

-Anu Aggarwal

What We Do

AAF™ is working towards bringing inner peace, better mental health with holistic and sustainable approach
Anu Aggarwal Foundation Women Empowerment
Women Empowerment
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Increase Livelihood and Empower
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Mental Health Awareness
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Happiness Building
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Suicide Prevention
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Help Live the New Normal

Our Approach

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We believe that health and happiness is everyone’s birthright. Since the cause of disease or dis-ease is psychosomatic we therefore understand that it is in the mind where the problems first begins. Incidentally that is where the remedy exists as well so found Rishis over 10000 years ago. Hence mental health is the dire need of humanity today. 

Having self-healed herself from a ghastly near- death experience yogi Anu, who lived years as a sanyasi doing karmayoga, understands and is trained in the ancient Indian science of spirituality. A YTT, she is not just a yoga therapist but an expert in mindfulness based wellness. We administer the recipe of self-care through a module Anufunyoga that has been seen to benefit tons and thousands of children, women worldwide. 

“You were born in joy. You exist in joy. It is joy you will dissolve in.         —– Rigveda

Our Vision

Building a better future

In India, over 1,00,00,000 children and women are either uneducated or eat only one meal a day, every year. We build and strengthen women and child protection systems to ensure that the most vulnerable are safe, supported, in school, and are free from trafficking, child marriage, hazardous work, violence, and exploitation. We don’t think that keeping women and children safe is the job of any one sector, department, or official. It is our collective efforts that will provide relief and equal opportunities to all.

Lend a Helping Hand for Women & Children

Helping women and children find their voice is deeply empowering and has a ripple effect on families and society. Anu Aggarwal Foundation believes that women’s issues cannot be addressed in isolation but within their social and institutional atmosphere.

Women and children’s representation is crucial in social, political and economic processes for a thriving society.

Partner with us

Help us amplify our efforts towards women and children in India. Start with a little.


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What people are saying about our work

Here are some testimonials that were sent to us from donors, nonprofits, children and their families.