Anu Aggarwal Foundation

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Women- Help Livelihood & Environment

Empowerment in a clean space 

We work for women empowerment by initiating Anufun practices where they get away from their outer stressful reality and go-within, to find inner sustainability.  

AAF  business initiative mobilizes rural artisans, who are located in various different clusters across India, while sustaining the environment by engaging naturally grown fibres, products.  Each of these  clusters are managed by state partners and local Master Artisans, to help them earn sustainable livelihoods thus preventing the rampant unsafe migration in the region and therefore makes people less vulnerable for human trafficking.

 Making them independent and financially secure, contributes to their self-esteem and improves the quality of life of their entire family, is our motive. AAF initiative is to provide sustainability in their lives, empowering them not only financially, but also bringing them a new status in their families, and therefore, in their communities through promotion and development of traditional arts, handicraft and textile weaving.

But this initiative imposes challenges, as a lot of time and resources are required for designers to travel from cluster to cluster to provide training­­. AAF seeks to create Resource Centre, a hub to train the Master Artisans of different clusters to ensure the high quality of the products. Also, the wholesale buyers can collaborate directly with the designers and artisans to ensure fullest satisfaction to the specific requirements. The resources saved by establishing the AAF Resource Centre will be directed to engage more artisans to the business initiative.
AAF Resource Centre would strategically benefit the company as it strategically grows around India, by increasing public relations and brand image, achieving CSR goals and also by providing its multi-purpose facilities for your business conferences, corporate events, official accommodations and employee training and many more.