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Empowerment of Tribal Women of Assam

Tribal Women Assam Anu Aggarwal Foundation

Empowerment of Tribal Women of Assam

Empowerment Of Tribal Women Of Assam

Uplifting Tribal Women in Assam

According to research, the socio-economic status of tribal women is generally worse than other women. The tribal women of Assam in particular are more neglected than their non-tribal counterparts. Their lives are badly affected by the adverse conditions caused by illiteracy and low income.

Considering the need to uplift AAF Director Anu Aggrawal pledged to support, uphold, and strengthen indigenous women’s socio and economic empowerment.

How AAF is helping

Anu who is a yoga therapist with an altruistic approach use her gift to bring awareness among women which inspires them to pursue education and supplement their family income. Once the income is stable they can improve their standard of living.

AAF understands obstacles that tribal women face and is adamant to find solutions for their empowerment.

It is important to create awareness campaigns on a variety of topics, including adult literacy, reproductive rights, the environment, legal issues, health, and non-formal education for women as well as girls. So that in future they do not face any problems and are strong enough to tackle any oncoming problems.

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Anu Agarwal gives priority to providing better health care and wellness initiatives to improve the physical condition and condition of tribal women in Assam.


We understand the importance of education among tribal women which will increase the literacy rate of women and sends more young girls to school. It is also important to increase the influence of tribal women in political decision-making.

This will create a positive impact and will result in a reduction in the crime rate among women, a reduction in illiteracy, motivation to pursue higher education and supporting business ventures.

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