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Empowering Women Transforming Communities
Empowering Women, Transforming Communities

Empowering women and transforming communities go hand in hand. When women are given equal opportunities, resources, and support, they have the power to drive positive change in their families, communities, and beyond. In many parts of the country, women still face numerous barriers to equality, such as poverty, gender-based violence, lack of education, and limited […]

Negative Effects Of Technology On Mental Health
Negative Effects of Technology on Mental Health

Technology can have both positive and negative effects on mental health. The constant flow of information and stimulation can make it difficult to relax and unwind, potentially leading to sleep problems and a decrease in overall well-being. The negative impact of technology on mental health is made worse for those who are already struggling with […]

Negative Effects Of Poor Relationships On Mental Health
Negative Effects of Poor Relationships on Mental Health

Toxic relationships can take a significant toll on your mental health. These types of relationships can cause stress, anxiety, and depression, and can lead to a decline in your self-esteem and confidence. Moreover, toxic relationships can increase the risk of substance abuse and other unhealthy coping mechanisms. Studies have shown that individuals in toxic relationships […]

Importance Of Mens Mental Health Anu Aggarwal Foundation
Importance of Men’s mental health

Importance of Men’s mental health     HIGHLIGHTS: Focusing on men’s mental health is important Men and boys’ mental health is often overlooked If mental health is ignored, it can also affect physical health Why is male mental health important? The mental health of men is as important as that of women and children. Most […]

Mental Health Disorder Men Anu Aggarwal Foundation
5 Common Mental Health Disorders in Men

5 Common Mental Health Disorders in Men HIGHLIGHTS: Men also suffer from certain mental health issues Most men do not share their issues with others due to extreme unawareness of mental health In this article, we will discuss the common mental health disorders that men usually suffer from There is a high unawareness of mental […]

Hiv And Children Anu Aggarwal Foundation
HIV and Children

  HIV and Children     HIGHLIGHTS: There are several children who are HIV positive HIV is passed in children through their mother If HIV positive child is given late treatment then there is a possibility of arising different health issues. HIV is a serious threat not only to adults but also to children. Since […]