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5 Common Mental Health Disorders in Men

Mental Health Disorder Men Anu Aggarwal Foundation

5 Common Mental Health Disorders in Men

5 Common Mental Health Disorders In Men


  • Men also suffer from certain mental health issues
  • Most men do not share their issues with others due to extreme unawareness of mental health
  • In this article, we will discuss the common mental health disorders that men usually suffer from

There is a high unawareness of mental health issues in our society, especially in relation to men. This is the reason why most men and even young boys face mental health issues and do not share them with others. Some do not share their mental health conditions because of embarrassment, while others do not have someone they can share with. And for some it is not even known what they are going through, if not treated at an early stage, it can become a serious condition.

Let’s take a look at the common mental health disorders that men suffer from.

1)    Depression

Depression affects how a person feels and thinks. It is one of the most common mental health disorders that men, even young boys, go through in their lives. The main challenges arise when it comes to social and biological factors in determining how many men have been diagnosed with depression. Chest tightness, weight gain or loss, hormonal problems, etc. can be symptoms of depression. These symptoms can vary from person to person, it is better to consult a professional before jumping to any conclusions and taking any action.

2)    Anxiety

Anxiety is another common issue. It comes in many forms, including panic disorder, phobias, obsessive-compulsive and generalized anxiety disorder. It is true that women are at higher risk of anxiety disorder, but most men are prone to go through it as well. According to research, at least 20% of men struggle with anxiety.

3)     Bipolar Disorder

According to statistics, 21 people in every 1000 Indians aged between 20 and 30 have bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a condition where extreme changes in mood are observed. Changes from high mood to low mood, high energy, impulsivity etc can usually be seen in people who have bipolar disorder.

4)    Substance Use Disorder

Substance use disorder is a common condition found in men. Young men are at higher risk of substance use disorder than women. Taking and getting used to drugs, painkillers, prescriptions and other substances affects men a lot. Heavy drinking from an early age also increases the risk of substance use disorder.

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5)    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder /PTSD

Most boys go through trauma at an early age, which increases the risk of post-traumatic stress disorder/PTSD. But men who have gone through traumatic life events like accidents, assaults, violence,  etc., are also prone to PTSD. Nightmares and repetitive and disturbing intrusive images can be early symptoms of PTSD.

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