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How HIV affect Wellness

Hiv And Wellness Anu Aggarwal Foundation

How HIV affect Wellness

How Hiv Affects Wellness 1


  • HIV affects overall wellbeing
  • People with HIV have a higher risk of mental disorders
  • An HIV-positive person suffering from mental disorders must take support to get recover sooner.

Very few people know that HIV affects our mental health very badly. It is a disease that affects the more mentally than the physical. And the taboos around in society make it even worse.

According to medical research, it has been found that people living with HIV are more prone to mental disorders.

Mental Disorders are Treatable

An HIV-positive person is more stressed than others. Living with a serious illness that takes a lifetime to recover can affect people’s mental health. People who are living with HIV usually face mood disorders, anxiety disorders and cognitive disorders, depression.

It must be remembered that mental disorders are treatable and those who suffer can completely treat them.

However, if help and cooperation are not received soon, then the problem can increase. This may later result in isolation, increased anxiety, problems with regular routine, etc.

The most important thing is to make a person feel comfortable so that they can easily be healed. To create a strong community where everyone is accepted and can talk openly about their issues is what we at AAF strive to build.

AAF director and famous Aashiqui actress Anu dedicated her time and life to creating a healthy and heartfelt society for HIV-positive people through her positivity sessions and helping them in shaping their mental health.

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