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Importance of Men’s mental health

Importance Of Mens Mental Health Anu Aggarwal Foundation

Importance of Men’s mental health


Male Mental Health



  • Focusing on men’s mental health is important
  • Men and boys’ mental health is often overlooked
  • If mental health is ignored, it can also affect physical health

Why is male mental health important?

The mental health of men is as important as that of women and children. Most of the time their mental health is overlooked which can affect the lives of boys from an early age. Men’s mental health is also overlooked because of the stigma surrounding mental health. But if it is ignored for a long time, then its effect starts on physical health as well. This makes it important to treat it before it becomes serious.

The risk of substance abuse or other forms of addiction will increase if mental health is left untreated for a long time. Which made it difficult to recover fast. The possibility of suicide and isolation can also be seen in such people.

How to heal?

There are many obstacles men go through that make it difficult to seek help and support for their mental health. It is therefore essential that one should let go of all the obstacles they may face and consider seeking the help and support of their loved ones or professionals.

As we are all human and everyone has their own feelings, it is normal to have emotional problems. Having emotional problems is not a problem, as much as ignoring them and seeing them as taboo.

If you go through some misunderstandings or you know someone who is facing this issue then you should make them feel comfortable with what they are going through.

Anu Fun Yoga (AFY)

The celebrated actress, author, speaker and Yogini, Anu Aggarwal, focuses on maximizing potential in people’s lives and increasing happiness and peace. A trained and mastered meditation and an ambassador for UNHCR. He believes that people are very cautious when it comes to mental health. They don’t want to talk about it because they fear society may take their mental health negatively.

With the sole purpose of spreading positivity and love, Anu’s AnuFunYoga brought healing to people’s lives. While so many people have been healed and found positivity in their lives, Anu’s journey doesn’t stop here. Ss she continues to walk with greater reach and bring joy to the lives of those with whom she crosses her path.

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