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HIV and Children

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HIV and Children


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  • There are several children who are HIV positive
  • HIV is passed in children through their mother
  • If HIV positive child is given late treatment then there is a possibility of arising different health issues.

HIV is a serious threat not only to adults but also to children. Since not many people are aware of it, there is still a lot of talk about HIV and awareness needs to be spread, especially among children. HIV can be transmitted to children at a very young age. According to statistics, there are 21 lakh HIV-positive children in 2016, and their rate is increasing rapidly.

It is high time that we should not ignore it and take steps toward it.

How does HIV pass to children?

Most children have HIV through their parents. HIV can be passed to children from their mothers. If the mother is HIV positive during pregnancy, the baby is more likely to be born with HIV. Another way through which it is passed on is through breastfeeding. This is commonly referred to as mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

Symptoms of HIV in children

Symptoms in post-HIV children can be inadequate weight gain or loss, lack of energy, skin rashes, pneumonia, and diarrhoea.

If the child is not treated early, they may be affected by many health problems.

Can a child be treated?

Yes, there are treatments available for HIV-positive children. They have to go through the same healing process as adults.

But the most important thing is to make them feel comfortable and welcome so that they are not shy or scared of the disease. To create a strong community where everyone is accepted and can talk openly about their issues is what we at AAF strive to build.

AAF director and famous Aashiqui actress Anu dedicated her time and life to creating a healthy and heartfelt society for HIV-positive children through her positivity sessions and helped them in shaping their mental health.

Because only with positive and strong mental health will we be able to deal with serious diseases.

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