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Suicide in Children and Teens

Suicide in Children and Teens HIGHLIGHTS: Suicide in teens is a serious problem Distance between children and parents in today’s time makes the issue more serious It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to keep an eye on the children and keep an eye on their activities Seek professional help when needed   Teenage […]

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Practices to prevent suicides in Children & Teens

Practices to prevent suicides in Children & Teens HIGHLIGHTS: Suicide in children is a real concern Parents and teachers should monitor children’s and teen’s behaviour Follow some practices that will help reduce the risk of suicide in children Child and teen suicide are on the rise in India and it is becoming a matter of […]

Hiv And Children Anu Aggarwal Foundation
HIV and Children

  HIV and Children     HIGHLIGHTS: There are several children who are HIV positive HIV is passed in children through their mother If HIV positive child is given late treatment then there is a possibility of arising different health issues. HIV is a serious threat not only to adults but also to children. Since […]

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The Importance of Child Mental Health

The Importance of Child Mental Health Photo by Jorge Franco on Unsplash Mental health is not only important for adults but also very crucial for children.  UNICEF reports that 50 million children in India suffer from mental health issues without treatment. Out of which, 80% to 90% of the children do not get any support. […]