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The Importance of Child Mental Health

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The Importance of Child Mental Health

The Importance Of Child Mental Health

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Mental health is not only important for adults but also very crucial for children.  UNICEF reports that 50 million children in India suffer from mental health issues without treatment. Out of which, 80% to 90% of the children do not get any support.

Most of the time we as a society and as parents forget to understand the mental health of children like anxiety and depression and ignore it. But as more and more awareness of mental health grows, we should know why it is important to consider a child’s mental health and happiness.

Building Joy and Happiness

Although a healthy mental health condition does not bring excessive joy, it certainly brings a balance in life where children can enjoy life’s small moments. With an unhealthy mind, a child cannot enjoy his or her life and cannot think clearly. Good mental health motivates them to find the good in life and perform better.

Increase Grades & Performance Rate

A healthy mental state is responsible for building up the child’s IQ level. Only if they have a clear mind can they focus on their education and grades. Not only this, their performance level and understanding level of subjects will also increase with a healthy mind. They get distracted by too much mental burden which will affect their education. That is why it is important that parents and teachers pay attention to the mental health of children.

Positive Outlook Towards Life

It is very important to develop a healthy mental state from childhood because a positive habit is formed from childhood itself. A healthy mental state in children will help them to see and find positive things in their future lives. If children struggle with mental problems, they will remain negative in the later stage of life.

The Importance Of Child Mental Health 1

Anu with kids  during the AnuFunYoga session

Helping Children in Building Positive Mental Health

As responsible adults, it is our duty to take care of children’s mental health and infuse value, positivity and happiness into their lives.

Just like at AAF, Anu with its unique AnuFunYoga session engages children in developing a healthy mind with fun activities. Because when children are engaged in fun activities they are likely to feel less depressed and stressed. Fun yoga sessions are likely to develop new skills in children and develop self-confidence and high self-esteem.

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