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 AAF celebrates 75th Independence Day

Independence Day Anu Aggarwal Foundation

On this Independence Day, let’s pledge to move forward on the path of mental freedom and make good and healthy choices for others and ourselves.

AAF wishes you a very Happy Independence Day!

 AAF celebrates 75th Independence Day

75Th Independence Day 1


15th August marks a great resonance in the history of our country. On this day in 1947, we fought our way to get freedom from British rule. At AAF, Independence Day has great significance. On 15th August we celebrate not only India’s independence, but also celebrate and promote individual freedom.

Freedom from negativity.

Freedom from ill thoughts.

Freedom from intoxication.

Freedom from limiting beliefs.

Freedom from depression.

Freedom from anxiety.

AAF director and celebrated Aashiqui actress, Anu, epitomizes the self-made woman who sees beauty in life’s chaos and adversities. An independent woman who broke all the barriers of limiting beliefs chose the freedom of living joyfully. She not only encourages but through her foundation helps people to find this freedom and see the beauties of life.

Just as a long back, our freedom fighters fought to eliminate fear from our lives and give us freedom so that we citizens could walk with our heads held high for a thousand years to come. Anu with her unambiguous courage and positive vibes inculcates values and practices in people so that no limits and rules ever entrap them.

On this 75th Independence Day, we remember all those martyrs, soldiers, and citizens who laid down their lives for our country. And free us from the slavery of British rule.

Just like AAF AnuFunYoga which is a unique blend of meditation, yoga, and fun, saves people from becoming slaves of ill thoughts and negative thinking and makes them independent.

On this occasion, we take a pledge that we will continue on the path of freedom and never make ourselves the slave of evil and negative domination; whether it is of others or ourselves, physically or mentally.

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