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Yoga for Self-Development

Yoga For Self Development Anu Aggarwal Foundation

Yoga for Self-Development

Yoga For Self Development

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  • Yoga helps in different areas of our life
  • It helps to shape our attitude, behavior, and thinking
  • Long-lasting self-development can be achieved by continuous practice of yoga
  • AAF supports individuals with its fun yoga to help them develop self-development skills.

Yoga really helps achieve a balance of physical and mental health which makes life more enjoyable. It is an integral part of our life which helps in getting a positive attitude towards life. Yoga also helps in awakening our creative side which helps us to focus, calm down and increase our concentration level.

Yoga helps us to develop self-control and also helps us to enrich our relationships with ourselves and others. It helps us to live a more intact and ethical life. Because it is not only a relict about the self but also extends to how we interact socially and how the outside world affects our inner self.

“Yoga helps us develop self-control and enrich our relationship with ourselves and others”

Self-development is important to achieve success by keeping a positive attitude in life and working tirelessly towards the goal. And yoga plays a major role to achieve this success.

Let’s see how yoga helps with self-development and how with the support of AAF, yoga becomes more fun and it is easier to achieve self-development.

Yoga is a way of life

The Self is described as an ego that resides in us and which acts as an actor, experiencer, and knower. It is the Self who performs all the functions of body and mind. Self is inherent in all of us and has its own unique abilities and qualities.

Self can be developed by the passage of time which determines how a person thinks, reacts, and behaves. This is something that is not agreed upon and continues to evolve in various aspects of our lives.

Self has four stages in which it develops. They are:

  • Infancy
  • Childhood
  • Early Adulthood
  • Middle Age
  • Old Age

In these different phases of life, the self began to develop differently. From the time a child was born, he or she began to visualise himself.

In childhood and adolescence, the child begins to understand their behavior and learns that they cannot be the same person under different circumstances.

Early adulthood is a stage where a person develops new relationships and redefines his role as a father, mother, uncle, aunt, friend, etc.

In old age, most people start to lack social support, which leads to their downfall of themselves. But those who look at their lives with contentment find themselves better.

Role of yoga in self-development

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Yoga itself plays an important role. There are various yoga asanas and meditations which not only nourish the body but also the mind.

Yoga helps to increase self-esteem, self-respect, and self-confidence through which you can live your life more happily. It also helps in regulating your day-to-day affairs and progress at the workplace by creating a balance between work and health.

Helps in shaping attitudes, thinking & behavior

Self-development is important in various aspects of our life. From our studies to maintaining relationships, without a proper Self, we cannot function normally.

Meditation helps us understand our environment. It calms our minds and teaches us not to complain about the life parts through which we are not satisfied.

Various yoga asanas remove laziness and lethargy from our bodies and fill it with freshness and new energy. Through this, we can solely focus on our goal and will not deviate from our goal.

By practicing yoga regularly, our mind becomes strong. Because yoga asanas train our minds to become strong. Once our mind becomes strong then we can face any challenge in our life.


In order to develop strong skills of self-development in individuals, AAF is taking a major step. Our Director, Anu Aggarwal FunYoga, a new and refreshing yoga approach helps you to know Self and understand your outer world and the inner world.

You can book your session with us at to start your self-development journey.

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