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What is Emotional Well being?

What Is Emotional Well Being Anu Aggarwal Foundation

What is Emotional Well being?

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What is Emotional Well being?

Emotional well-being is an emotional quality that results from personal experience. There are many factors that affect emotional well-being. It includes psychological factors, economic factors, situational and demographic factors.

Emotional well-being refers to how well a person manages his thoughts, feelings, and emotions in their life. Good emotional health refers to the overall well-being of life. It is therefore important that the person has good emotional health.

A person with good emotional health can easily overcome and face the difficult challenges of life. And they don’t have to go through painful emotional experiences and breakdowns.

5 Characteristics of Positive Emotional Well Being

Here are 5 characteristics of positive emotional well-being.

1)   They have higher self-esteem

People with positive emotional well-being tend to have higher self-esteem. It helps people to gain confidence in their potential and to know what they want in their life. High self-esteem helps in building good relationships. They do not criticize themselves and others and have realistic expectations.

2)   They have a positive mood

A positive mood is the result of balanced emotional health. It helps in creating awareness about the mood of the people which opens up many options where people can easily solve their problems and challenges in their life. People with a positive mood easily distinguish between positive and negative emotions. Don’t stay in a bad mood for a long time.

3)   They get good sleep

Good sleep can lead to good mental and emotional health as it increases life expectancy, enhances creativity, and reduces the risk of anxiety, depression, and mental disorders.

4)   They eat healthy foods

Healthy eating has a direct impact on maintaining positive emotional health. A healthy diet enhances mood swings and gives emotional stability and a positive outlook on life. Eating the right food also helps in reducing depression and anxiety. This happens because healthy eating creates a healthy gut in our brain which controls positive moods and emotions and creates stable mental health.

5)   They have purpose

A positive emotional being also gives a purpose in life. Positive emotional well-being helps to set a realistic goal in life. A clear purpose in life gives a positive outlook on life and satisfaction in personal and professional life. Clear purpose helps to adapt and quickly learn new activities, hobbies, or skills. That is why having positive emotional well-being leads to a purposeful life.


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