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Mental health effects of climate change

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Mental Health Effects of Climate Change

Mental Health Effects Of Climate Change 1

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Climate crisis is real, we need to act now!

Climate Change has not only adverse conditions on the loss of lives, food, and poverty, but also directly affects mental health.

It is important to understand how climate change is worsening the mental heaht issue. People who are living in the most affected region of climate change where floods, drought, cyclones, etc tend to have an increased risk of depression, anxiety, and other risk factors.

The latest study on how climate change impacts mental health shows populations exposed to such geographic conditions and who have a wealth of information and resources have a tendency to be at increased risk. These mental issues can be called ecological guilt, grief, biosphere anxiety, economic anxiety, etc.

It is high time that we recognize and be vocal about the mental well-being of people living in harsh climatic conditions.

What to do next?

Mental Health Effects Of Climate Change 2

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We should not ignore the early signs of the mental health effects of climate change. Its impact can be direct or indirect to short-term or long-term effects.

Such adverse climatic conditions can also leave traumatic stress and psychotic pattern. The longer the delay in reconsideration of these signs, the greater the risk of post-traumatic stress may be observed in the present and subsequent generations as well.

People exposed to vulnerable geographic areas need additional mental health and psychosocial support. There are many NGOs, and organizations like AAF who are coming forward to be the voice of the people.

The Bottom Line

Climate change is a real threat to mental health so AAF Director, Anu, a celebrated Bollywood actress understands the impact of climate change on mental wellbeing and how difficult it becomes to deal with without support. As an environmentalist and mental health advocate, Anu not only supports people in their mental health journey but also encourages them to take care of our environment.

We understand the long-term risks climate change brings to mental health and therefore bring yoga sessions where people’s well-being is rejuvenated.

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