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How Assam floods are taking a toll on mental health?

Assam Flood Mental Health Anu Aggarwal Foundation

How Assam floods are taking a toll on mental health?

How Assam Floods Are Taking A Toll On Mental Health 1

We all know what phase Assam is going through these days. However, this is not the first time the ‘Tea State’ has been hit by devastating floods. It not only took away the lives and livelihood of the people but also shook the mental health of the flood victims.

A big question here is why are the annual floods increasing in Assam and will they ever halt?

AAF director Anu not only supports the annual flood victim in Assam but is also vocal and concerned about the environment. Climate change is becoming a major concern these days. And we share the pain of those going through the loss and pain in such a disaster.

To understand why flood is becoming frequent in Assam we have to go back to the 20th century and how climate change worsens the condition.

Affect on Mental Health

Natural disasters not only affect physically but also have a profound effect on mental health. It begins with mild mental problems such as stress and can become severe if left untreated. Mental problems such as depression, and anxiety, can cause post-traumatic stress in people affected by natural disasters.

Being isolated from a community and being away from family members has a huge impact on mental health because it can be stressful. In this situation, In this situation, it is better to lend support to help them overcome the traumatic condition.

How Assam Floods Are Taking A Toll On Mental Health 2

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Climate Change and Assam

Floods have been a part of the North East region for a very long time. But the flood situation gets worse as the population increases. The increased population has weakened the ability of floodplains to absorb water.

There are many reasons for floods like high rainfall, river erosion etc. And every year it becomes more merciless.

Due to this, more than 4 lakh people in both rural and urban areas of the state have been displaced without any basic needs.

The Bottom Line

AAF encourages supporting the relief and rehabilitation efforts and contributing to bringing back the sunshine in the lives of those affected.

We focus on building a healthy society by creating the well-being of people so that they can feel joy and peace within them.

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