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The Importance of Women’s Mental Health and Well-Being

Womens Mental Health Anu Aggarwal Foundation

The Importance of Women’s Mental Health and Well-Being

The Importance Of Womens Mental Health And Well Being 1

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  • As a woman, you need to take out time for your mental health and well being.
  • Self-care will help you in improving your mental health as well as physical health
  • Poor mental health can cause problems in other areas of life, including career and relationships.

Mental health and well-being are important for everyone regardless of age and gender. But mental health and well-being are more important to women which cannot be ignored.

Taking care of the mental health of women becomes important as it helps in improving their overall well-being. It also gives and maintains emotional intelligence, and balance in lifestyle and relationships.

Every woman must have a healthy balance of the cognitive, emotional and psychological states. If you maintain balance within yourself, your mental health remains good.

If your mental state is unhealthy it can cause problems in other areas of life and you may not even be aware of it. This includes career, personal life, relationships, etc. If you have tight schedules and routines it will be difficult for you to maintain and focus on mental health. That is why taking care of mental health is as important as taking care of skin and physical health.

Types of women’s mental health

There are three types of mental health.

1)   Cognitive

Cognitive mental health helps maintain brain function that helps retain new information, maintain better memory, and improve reasoning.

2)   Emotional

Emotional mental health focuses on balancing personal and professional life. There must be peace in both of their lives which can be achieved through positive mental health.

3)   Psychological

Psychological mental health focuses on how you adapt to various life changes. By keeping your mental health in good shape, you can easily focus more on a positive outlook on your life.

The Importance Of Womens Mental Health And Well Being 2

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Why women should not ignore their well being?

As a woman, you need to prioritize your mental health. As much time as you give to other things in life, whether it is kids, your family, home, business, or office, the same amount of time you should give to your own well-being.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, women are more likely to fall for common mental disorders, including anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Most of the women do not even take care of the treatment for various reasons, which makes the condition worse. When there is so much pressure on the mind of women that it is necessary to take care of yourself first, then only you can give mental support to others.


AAF helps and supports women from all walks of life and different backgrounds. Founder Anu, with her unique approach and different perspective, helps women to maintain their mental health and have a positive outlook on their lives.

If you are concerned about your well being and want to take steps to improve your mental health, you can book your session with us at

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