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What is Wellbeing Tourism & its Need

What Is Wellbeing Tourism Its Need 1

What is Wellbeing Tourism & its Need

What Is Wellbeing Tourism Its Need 1

You must have heard about adventure tourism, eco-tourism, wildlife, and medical tourism but what is wellness tourism?

Wellness tourism refers to travel to promote health and well-being through physical, psychological and spiritual activities. It is also the fastest-growing form of tourism in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

But what is the need for wellness tourism? In this article, we will cover every aspect of wellness tourism which will throw light on its importance and necessity.

Who are Wellness Tourists

There are two types of wellness tourists – primary and secondary. The main purpose of primary wellness tourists is to travel for wellness only. In contrast, secondary wellness tourists undertake wellness activities as a part of their travel.

There are over 20 different countries where health tourists can be found. Some of the destinations are India, America, Japan, Austria, Germany, France etc.

What Is Wellbeing Tourism Its Need 2

Need for Wellness Tourism

There is a great need for wellness tourism in today’s fast-paced life.

Here are some points that explain why wellness tourism is essential.

  • Vacations boost immunity as you will remain away from social media and other noises and indulge in relaxation, eating right will automatically boost your immunity.
  • In the retreats, counselling sessions, meditation classes and physical activities amidst nature work as a natural therapy.
  • There are many other therapies that you can enjoy during your wellness tours such as body massages and treatments, hot spring baths, and more. It will not only physically benefit you but also mentally.

What Is Wellbeing Tourism Its Need 3


Travelling for wellness purposes involving spiritual, physical, and psychological activities to maintain or enhance one’s health is known as wellness tourism. Proponents of wellness tourism claim that a change of scenery is believed to provide travellers with new perspectives, which leaves a positive effect on their creativity, adaptability, and ability to manage anxiety and stress.

Hence, if you are keen on taking a wellness trip then head towards amazing destinations to get away from your daily stressful life.

Remember to seek professional advice if you experience any travel anxiety or depression.

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