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How Yoga Can Make You Happy

How Yoga Can Make You Happy 1

How Yoga Can Make You Happy

How Yoga Can Make You Happy 1

Yoga practice is not only important for the physical body but also keeps you happy and hearty. The mudras help in improving people’s feelings of energy, sense of power and self-esteem.

Along with improving breathing, circulation and digestion; Yoga also provides many psychological benefits.

There are many asanas known as asanas, and one involving breathing is known as pranayama which is a meditation technique. These breathing exercises enhance physical health and lead to personal growth.

Yoga also manages chronic pain and severe diseases such as asthma, breast cancer, diabetes, depression, anxiety, etc.

When all the ailments inside us are cured through meditation, breathing and yoga asanas, our body and mind feel relaxed and calm. It then satisfies us positively and makes us happy from the inside.

With regular yoga practice, you can reduce your stress, anxiety, and fatigue, and lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.


The celebrated actress, author, speaker and Yogini, Anu Aggarwal, focuses on maximising potential in people’s lives and increasing happiness and peace. A trained and mastered meditation and an ambassador for UNHCR. With the sole purpose of spreading positivity and love, Anu’s AnuFunYoga brought healing to people’s lives. While so many people have been healed and found positivity in their lives, Anu’s journey doesn’t stop here. So, she continues to walk with greater reach and bring joy to the lives of those with whom she crosses her path.

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