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How AnuFunYoga Awakens Your Inner Joy

How Anufunyoga Awakens Your Inner Joy 1

How AnuFunYoga Awakens Your Inner Joy


How Anufunyoga Awakens Your Inner Joy 1

The more you find happiness within yourself, the less you need to depend on the outside world. And no outer force can ever damage your inner world.

As you may already know how important it is to have balance in your life, especially when it comes to your mind, body and energy. These are the most delicate parts of us that can become unbalanced without our knowledge.

It is very important to strike a balance between physical and mental health. Focusing on just one aspect is not enough and AAF recognizes the importance of mental health very well.

The director and founder of the AAF, Anu, defines mental health as “a state of well-being in which each individual realizes his or her potential, can cope with the stresses of life, work productively and fruitfully, and or its community”.

That’s why she stresses the importance of mental health and takes dynamic steps to bring about a change in the mental health status of people who are deeply  affected.


AnufunYoga is a blend of ancient and modern techniques, uniquely designed for all age groups. It deals not only with yoga asanas and neuroscience but also the ancient science of yoga that accomplishes positive restructuring of the human mind.

This creative user-friendly yoga awakens the joy within you that hasn’t been discovered yet. If you are an adult or in late childhood or early adolescence and are keen to awaken the joy and happiness that resides within you, AnuFunYoga can improve your quality of life by empowering your physical body and mental health.

How Anufunyoga Awakens Your Inner Joy 2

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The celebrated actress, author, speaker and Yogini, Anu Aggarwal, focuses on maximising potential in people’s lives and increasing happiness and peace. A trained and mastered meditation and an ambassador for UNHCR. With the sole purpose of spreading positivity and love, Anu’s AnuFunYoga brought healing to people’s lives. While so many people have been healed and found positivity in their lives, Anu’s journey doesn’t stop here. So, she continues to walk with greater reach and bring joy to the lives of those with whom she crosses her path.

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