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4 Ways Vacations can Make you Productive

4 Ways Vacations Can Make You Productive 1

4 Ways Vacations can Make you Productive

4 Ways Vacations Can Make You Productive 1

According to research, vacation is a key determinant of our happiness and sense of fulfilment in life, as well as our health, engagement at work, creativity, and even marital satisfaction.

In this blog, we will cover four ways you can use your vacation for becoming more productive.

1)    Increase your Mindfulness 

You feel more awake and energized after a vacation because when you travel you do something different from your daily set routine. As a human being, you cannot work in automatic mode, you need a change.

After a vacation, you’ll feel more present and wake up due to a change in routine. Some studies even suggest that meditation and vacation have similar effects on the human brain. Practising meditation and taking vacations were both associated with increased mindfulness and higher levels of well-being.

2)    Improves your Heart Health

Going on regular vacations may reduce your chances of developing metabolic syndrome which causes high blood pressure, excessive blood sugar, excess belly fat and abnormal cholesterol levels.

Studies show that people who took frequent vacations were less likely to be diagnosed with metabolic syndrome.

4 Ways Vacations Can Make You Productive 2

3)    Reduces your Stress

Stress is caused by a surge of cortisol and adrenaline. It can also increase the risk of developing health problems like heart disease. That’s why you need to avoid activities that increase anxiety.

You can be in a good health and well-being by spending at least two hours a week in nature including parks, woodlands and beaches.

4)    Boosts your Brainpower

Taking a vacation increases your productivity. Your brain consolidates knowledge and increases brain power when you have a relaxed state of mind. You come up with your best ideas while taking a walk, in the shower, or on vacation.

Studies show a connection between travel and creativity. Travelling increases flexibility because your mind expands as you connect with local cultures and meet different people.

4 Ways Vacations Can Make You Productive 3


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