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4 Myths About Yoga

4 Myths About Yoga 1

4 Myths About Yoga

Don’t let even one of these misconceptions stop you from doing yoga.

4 Myths About Yoga 1

Yoga is a way of living a healthy life. Through yoga you can discipline the mind and meditation helps align and strengthen your body. It is the nervous system of our body that affects our health and regular yoga can help make our body healthy and robust by purifying our nervous system.

While there are many benefits of yoga, on one hand, there are several misconceptions about yoga that you must clear.

In this blog, we will cover such common myths about yoga that you must know.

1)    Flexibility

If you are shying away from yoga just because you think you are not flexible enough, then you are going in the wrong direction.

Yoga is meant to make you flexible. If you see all the yoga gurus twisting their bodies in different ways and think you can’t get it, think again. Yoga will increase your flexibility and mobility. You have to start somewhere. And with a small start, you can slowly get there.

2)    No Time for Yoga

If you always complain that you can’t find time for yoga in your busy schedule, then you need a new schedule. We all have an equal amount of time, it is up to you how and where you choose to spend it.

Yoga doesn’t have to be long. Hence there is no minimum or maximum yoga session. If you are a beginner then start with 10 to 15 minutes of yoga and later you can increase the time at your convenience.

4 Myths About Yoga 2

Anu at AnuFunYoga session

3)    Back Pain

If you are thinking that you cannot do yoga because you have back pain then there is good news for you. No matter what medical condition you have, yoga can be modified for practically any medical condition. So the next time someone tells you that you can’t do yoga with back pain, show them your customized yoga moves.

4)    Yoga Only Means Stretching

Yoga requires a lot of stretching but the benefits of yoga are not just limited to the physical but go beyond increasing the flexibility of your body.

It makes you strong both mentally and physically. Many asanas help maintain your body weight, increase muscle strength, calm your mind and make you stress-free.

For instance, AnuFunYoga at AAF not only increases flexibility but also brings about cardiovascular endurance, and muscle strength, lower stress hormones and makes you feel good.

4 Myths About Yoga 3

Anu at AnuFunYoga session


The celebrated actress, author, speaker, yogini, and AAF founder and director, Anu Aggarwal, focuses on maximising potential in people’s lives and building happiness within them. She has revolutionized yoga through her unique AnuFunYoga sessions and has changed the way people look at mental health.

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