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The Positive Effects of Gratitude on Mental Health

The Positive Effects Of Gratitude On Mental Health 1

The Positive Effects of Gratitude on Mental Health

The Positive Effects Of Gratitude On Mental Health 1

Practising gratitude is not only good for maintaining relationships but has other benefits as well. In this article, we will look at the positive effects of gratitude on mental health.

According to research, gratitude helps reduce stress and improves your physical as well as mental health. The study also found that consciously counting your blessings can help you survive. Happier life and feel less depressed. It rewires your brain to focus on bright things in life.

How does gratitude improve mental health?

Expressing your gratitude on a regular basis attracts positive things into your life and helps you to be more optimistic.

You will feel more loved and connected to others and develop empathy. It is also observed that people who are engaged in gratitude take good care of their physical health and start eating well and exercising daily.

If you are not in the habit of writing, you can start by writing 5 to 10 gratitude in the morning, and increase it as you get into the habit. You can also write down your blessings before going to bed.

Why gratitude is good for mental health?

Maintaining a gratitude list will give you many benefits such as reduced stress levels, creating proper sleeping habits, improved interpersonal relationships, and reduced risk of major depression, anxiety disorders, phobias, etc.

After keeping a record of your blessings in a gratitude list, you can feel the positive impact of gratitude on mental and physical health.

That’s why by keeping a gratitude journal, you can reduce many mental health risks and enjoy a fulfilling life.

The Positive Effects Of Gratitude On Mental Health 2


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