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How do You Get Past the New Year’s Blues?

How Do You Get Past The New Years Blues 1

How do You Get Past the New Year’s Blues?

How Do You Get Past The New Years Blues 1

Many of you may experience seasonal or winter depression and it seems to rise and leave you feeling the New Year’s blues. The current depression can make you more vulnerable to psychological difficulties with new year expectations and resolutions.

But the beginning of a new year doesn’t have to be stressful or depressing. The holidays and 2023 can be more enjoyable with excellent mental health, all it takes is a few changes and new rituals. Here we will discuss such things which will help you in getting past the New Year’s Blues.

Make Mental Health Resolutions

Start your new year off by dedicating your time to your mental health. Making a resolution will help give you a sense of hope. But remember to set manageable, small, and reasonable goals. As such you can start by disconnecting from toxic people and surrounding yourself with people who support you.

Note Down the Previous Year’s Accomplishments

In this new year get yourself a journal or simple note and note down all your achievements from the past year and stick it somewhere where you can see it. Because looking at others and tracking their achievements is much easier than yours. That is why reflection on your set goal and achievements can be helpful. List all of your accomplishments, big or small, and remember to not compare your achievements with others.

How Do You Get Past The New Years Blues 2

Indulge in Things that Make you Happy

This New Year indulges yourself in a new hobby or things that make you feel happy.  It can be doing anything like gardening, spending time with your pet, watching a movie, spending time with your family etc. You will be surprised to know how effective it is to spend time on things you love instead of exhausting yourself at work which drains your energy.

You don’t need to have a big party with lots of friends. Instead, create a holiday custom that’s good for your mental health. And remember that you can always reach out to others, to your support network, and tell them how you feel instead of feeling isolated.

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