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4 Ways to Manage New Year Anxiety

4 Ways To Manage New Year Anxiety 1

4 Ways to Manage New Year Anxiety

4 Ways To Manage New Year Anxiety 1

In the midst of New Year’s celebrations, New Year’s anxiety can be real for some people. For those dealing with anxiety, uncertainty is a major trigger, which can easily be found in New Year’s celebrations.

Anxious people are driven by uncertainty and the unknown, and the start of a new year leaves many of them wondering what might happen. The feeling of change can trigger anxiety which is the worst-case scenario for anxious people.

Here we have brought you four ways to deal with new year anxiety and look after your wellbeing.

1)    Take a Proper Sleep

Making a New Year’s resolution and sticking to it can feel like pressure. Both physical and mental health depends on getting good sleep. When you’re going through change and dealing with anxiety due to uncertainty, you need a good night’s sleep. Getting enough sleep helps with problem-solving and makes you calmer and less stressed.

2)    Do more Exercise

Doing more exercise in this new year may help you feel less depressed and anxious. There are many ways in which exercise reduces stress and anxiety. Exercise increases brain chemicals that help in the growth of new nerve cells. It promotes serotonin and norepinephrine activity. Exercise also reduces pain, causes euphoria, and helps regulate how the brain responds to stress and anxiety.

3)    Make Mindful Planning

Instead of making difficult and impractical resolutions, plan thoughtfully for this new year. Try not to pressure yourself with the resolution and punish yourself for accomplishing it in a specific way. Instead, make a healthier alternative and start with small changes in your habit and bring changes in your day-to-day activities.

4 Ways To Manage New Year Anxiety 2

4)    Let Go

Let go of what you cannot control. Sometimes we can’t let go of the change or behaviour and attitudes of others that cause anxiety. Try not to blame the irreversible and other things. Rather focus on things like your behaviour and attitudes instead.


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